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VP is organized into distinct zones based on product type and size. This helps to make order processing as efficient as possible when your order is received. That’s right! VP does not pick your entire order altogether, at the same time. Instead, the order is ingested into our system, and broken into sections based on our zones. For example, your small bags of pet nutrition products that fit inside our iconic green totes will be printed together in one zone of our warehouse, whereby your pharmaceutical products split and print in another zone. This is why when you hit the ‘submit’ button on your order it is almost impossible to track it down once it ‘hits the floor’ because of our ability to receive your order, and almost immediately start processing it. Interested to see more? Take our visual tour!

In order to expedite fulfillment, VP added an off-site order processing facility in Woodbridge, ON. This facility holds our most popular SKUs of small and large breed pet nutrition. Many member practices will notice their pet nutrition products being shipped from this facility rather than our St Marys head office.